Bodhi Burn

Bodhi Burn Class - ALIGN Pilates Studios

Bodhi Burn

Looking to take your Pilates practice to the next level? Look no further than our Bodhi Burn Class!

Our Bodhi Burn Pilates class is perfect for Pilates enthusiasts with an advanced fitness level, who enjoy challenging athletic conditioning classes. It’s one of our most advanced ALIGN Pilates classes on the schedule.

During the class, we spend half the time on the reformers and the other half using our unique Bodhi suspension system.

Using the Bodhi ropes, a four-point rope suspension system, we create a workout that challenges your stability and engages your core in new ways. We also incorporate our Burn class into the program to stimulate your muscle memory and push your muscles to the limit, leaving you sore for days.

If you have severe injuries, we do not recommend this class. Instead, we suggest trying one of our ALIGN, Flow, or Restore classes if you’re still recovering from an injury.