ALIGN Pilates Studios team in Austin, Texas


Certified Pilates Instructor & Konnector Educator

Meet Christina. She has been practicing both classical and contemporary Pilates since 2013 and is comprehensively certified through Balanced Body. Christina believes Pilates is not just a physical workout but also a mental exercise that helps her to concentrate on herself and tune out everything else. 

As an instructor, Christina uses anatomical and fun cues to help clients become more aware of their bodies and confidently execute the exercises. 

She advises newbies to try different instructors to learn new techniques and cues that can enhance their Pilates experience. 

Expect to leave Christina’s classes feeling sore, challenged, empowered, and strong. To her, strength is not just about appearance but also about the accomplishments achieved through Pilates or any other exercise. 

Christina wants her clients to feel proud of their progress and think “Damn, that was intense, but I killed it!”.