Reformer 1 Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training

Reformer 1 Pilates teacher training class at ALIGN Pilates Studios

Reformer 1 Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training

Introduction to Reformer Beginning Exercises

This course introduces you to what Joseph Pilates called the ‘Universal’ Reformer, which is the centerpiece of the Pilates equipment studio and an invaluable training tool. Reformer 1 teaches you how to safely utilize the Reformer and many of the beginning and intermediate Pilates Reformer exercises. Reformer 1 also reviews common modifications and variations necessary for teaching the client in front of you and gives you the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’, empowering critical reasoning skills from the very start of your training.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 1-6:30 pm (16 hours)

This module is offered in person only.