What does test-out look like?

What does test-out look like?

Once you’ve completed all of your modules and the required personal practice, student teaching, and observation hours, you will submit a test-out application to a balanced body. If you have taken most of your modules with one master educator, you will likely test out with that educator. If you are taking your modules at ALIGN with Brooke Bowersock, you can expect to have conversations with her regularly to help you make a test-out plan and test-out date goal.

Once approved for test out, you will schedule your test with your master educator.

During the test, you will take a written exam that usually takes a little over an hour. This written test is based on your manuals, the PowerPoint accompanying each module, the videos accompanying your manuals, the test for each module, etc.

In addition to the written test, you will also perform a practical exam. This practical exam will be one hour and will be based on the path that you have chosen. For example, if you are becoming a mat Pilates instructor. Your practical test will include movement, principles of anatomy, Mat exercises, and so on, depending on which path you choose for certification.

You will be given a list of exercises one week before your test out exam. You will be required to put these in an order that you feel represents your teaching style and the person you will teach during your practical exam. You can practice the entire week with the person you will be bringing in to test during your practical exam. This person may not be a Pilates instructor or anyone in the Pilates certification program. You’ll be expected to modify the exercises for the person in front of you and teach all of the exercises on the list based on their injuries and needs.

On the test day, you will introduce your master educator to your student. You will let the master educator know about their goals and their injuries. The master educator will then give you 2 to 3 additional exercises you must throw in on the spot when you see they fit into your program. You will not be able to use notes, and you must teach your practical exam from memory.

If you do not pass your written or practical, you must retake that particular portion.