What kind of support should I expect if I go through the ALIGN Teacher Training program?

What kind of support should I expect if I go through the ALIGN Teacher Training program?

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Our ALIGN East, Pilates studio is a dedicated Teacher Training Center. One of the only dedicated Teacher Training centers in the United States. At this studio, we offer students going through through our program the opportunity to become employees at the studio and get paid while you are teaching your practice teaching hours. This is somewhat unheard of as you typically have to rent space from a studio to teach sessions for free to your practice students at our Teacher Training Center.

At ALIGN Pilates Studios East we also offer a very unique mentor program to accompany you during your certification process. This mentor program is optional, but you can take classes from our principal educator three times a week, which all count towards your personal practice hours.

You will also have the opportunity to utilize our Pilates Teacher Training Center for open studio hours where you can come in and practice on your own or practice teaching within the peer group of our mentor program. We also have multiple times-a-week sessions where you practice teaching, and Brooke gives you feedback on your teaching.

This unique opportunity to teach at our Teacher Training Center makes you an excellent instructor while you are fulfilling your required hours for certification. People who go through this mentor program come out of their certification miles ahead of those who do not take advantage of this opportunity. Brooke is there to support you as much as you would like along the way. Ultimately, it’s up to you to put what you want into the program while you are going through your certification process. We make this Teacher Training Center a safe place for you to gain confidence, get support, and become an excellent instructor.

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