Lead Instructor

Meet Maggie, a highly experienced Pilates instructor with over 8 years of teaching under her belt. With a passion for dance since the young age of 6, Maggie continued her journey at UCSC and later went on to perform professionally in Los Angeles. 

In 2017, she joined the ALIGN team in Austin and played a vital role in the growth of the studio by serving as the Studio Manager at ALIGN West and later taking on the ALIGN East Manager role. 

ALIGN’s long-term clients hold Maggie in high regard for her exceptional attention to detail, hands-on guidance, and clear verbal cues during classes. She prioritizes traditional Pilates techniques that promote full-body wellness. Maggie’s deep interest in Joseph Pilates’ stories and the origins of his exercises further enhances her instruction.

After taking time off for the birth of her baby girl last year, we are delighted to welcome Maggie back to teaching in the studio