What is the Pilates FLOW class?

What is the Pilates FLOW class?

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The FLOW class is our signature Pilates class. It is the heart of our West Austin Pilates Studio. In this Pilates reformer class, you will move the entire time and “flow” from one move to the next.

Several times throughout the class you will feel as though you are right at the edge of your limits. We will safely and gently push you just a little further so that you can learn what you are capable of and start to see the changes that you are looking for both mentally and physically.

This class is taught at a strong intermediate level, but our expert instructors will give modifications as well as extra challenge options for those who need them.

This class is appropriate for all fitness levels (including soon-to-be momma’s). If you are recovering from injuries, we recommend that you chat with us first to make sure it is the right fit.

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